Monday, June 15, 2009

Normal day

Today was a pretty normal day at work. I made a little progress on my project and laughed a lot with Brian and Margie, two great co-workers and friends. In the evening I played a little Sonic: Zero Gravity with my son, John Frederick and played a $2 + .25 9 person poker tournament and won $3.60 for coming in 3rd. Not much of note today.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blog update war

OK, it's about time I got my blogs, facebook, twitter and podcast in order. I'd like this one to be about my daily grind. I'm challenging myself to keep up better with my chronicle of my life and ideas.
Today has been a fairly relaxing day at home. We're hoping to have another gaming night with Brian Delaney and our neighbors Jenny and Justin (though Jenny is working and can't come this time). We enjoy board games with our friends on the weekend.
Lain fell asleep in my arms today. I love when she does that because it shows so much trust and comfort relaxing with me.
John F. is playing Sonic: Zero Gravity that we rented from Blockbuster.
The job situation is still up in the air, but it's been that way so long I'm getting very numb to the whole idea. There was never much I could do about the problem anyway. It would make no sense to look for another job until I lose this one given that my benefits are so good.
Well, I should be updating a lot more here. So, expect to see more posts from me.